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IP: mc.freebuilders.org

Welcome to the Freebuilders Market. You can donate here to receive perks in-game (such as italicized names). Our highest priority is quality in terms of server experience.  

Another equally important priority for us is delivering donation perks immediately after a transaction. If you do not recieve your donation rank within 1 hour, please contact an in-game admin or post on the website.


Contact & Info  »

Email: freebuildersmc@gmail.com
Website: www.freebuilders.org


Disclaimer »

By purchasing a rank, you are making a donation towards the Freebuilders server. We don’t refund any purchases made and the rewards offered are our way of saying thanks. 

It is important to realize you aren't paying for the extra features. Instead, you are purchasing for the server and website's production. If there is a money dispute or abuse of features for a given rank, the Freebuilders staff has the right to remove any privileges given.